Ouvert à tous, le Club accueille les Francophiles qui désirent partager et découvrir les différents mondes de la culture française.

Open to every one, the Club hosts Francophiles who desire to share and discover the different worlds of French culture.

Abierto a todos, el Club recibe a los Francófilos que desean compartir y descubrir los diferentes mundos de la cultura franca.


All film presentations will be at Cine El Rey
1st Sunday of each month - 1:00PM unless otherwise noted.

Film & Social Gathering
January 7, 2018
Jet Lag / Décalage horaire (2002)


Film & Social Gathering
February 4
Lolo (2015)

Film & Social Gathering
March 4
Sans Dessin / Lost Cause (2009)


Film & Social Gathering
April 1
Easter - No Film

Film & Social Gathering
May 6

Les Visiteurs / The Visitors

Film & Social Gathering
June 3
Les Visiteurs II- Les Couloirs du Temps

BFilm & Social Gathering
July 1

Les Visiteurs III- La Revolution

Film & Social Gathering
August 5


Film & Social Gathering
September 2

Empire of Wolves

Film & Social Gathering
October 7

Marguerite (2016)

Film & Social Gathering
November 4

2 Automnes 3 Hivers (2013)

Film & Social Gathering
December 2
Le Tout Nouveau Testament (2015)

 Officers 2018
Film Club: Nianna Gustovich
Webmaster: Dan Downing

Contact us:
By email: Information
By phone:956-655-1655


Cine El Rey
311 South 17th Street
McAllen, TX 78501

French classes - Cours de Français - Cursos de Francés
Oxford School Reynosa, Mexico

Our Mission

The French Club of the Rio Grande Valley is a non-profit cultural organization established to meet the needs of French speakers if the Rio Grande Valley. It is viewed as a tool to encourage academics and acceptance of ethnic and cultural diversity. Open to every one, the club hosts Francophiles who share the same eager desire to encounter new friends.

In its effort to meet the needs of all its members, the Club organizes a wide and wild range of activities from food tasting, sport events, games, cultural lectures, student competitions, to traditional celebrations, films, etc.

In addition, for the past year, the club amplified its support toward teachers, high school and university students by granting scholarships, providing books, CDs, and other educational materials.

The club is a forum of exchanges and friendships, a vivid example of the international mission of the Rio Grande Valley.

Thank you for joining us!

Last updated: January 20, 2018